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What makes RBA unique?


The Retail Banking Academy (RBA) was founded in the belief, that retail banking is a profession, and our mission is to promote retail banking as an internationally recognised profession.

The RBA is the only international, educational and professional body that's exclusively dedicated to retail banking. Our Certified Retail Banker (CRB) programme is the only one of its kind that makes it possible for retail bankers to embark on a structured certification programme that covers every aspect of the industry end to end. 

The RBA offers certifications that:

  • Link every silo in the retail bank, at every level.
  • Cover all aspects of retail banking, including Cards and Payments, SME Lending and Islamic Banking
  • Are tailored to every level of experience, from fundamentals at entry level, to middle management and strategic leadership.
  • Are bespoke, with programmes designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each bank.



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