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Professional Retail Banker




What is the Professional Retail Banker programme and who is it for?

The Professional Retail Banker programme is designed for those who are considering a career in retail banking or have just started a career in retail banking. 

*Programme offering interactive course materials via the RBA Learning Centre (eLearning), as well as a coursebook*

How much does this level cost?

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What will I learn?

The Professional Retail Banker programme comprises 5 modules: 

PRB Modules list

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What do candidates say about the Professional Retail Banker programme?

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How much time do I need to invest into my studies?

How much time to invest?



How long will it take me to successfully complete this programme?

Candidates have three attempts to sit the Professional Retail Banker assessment in the RBA Learning Centre, in their own time. Candidates must pass the two-hour online assessment within 6 months of enrolling onto the Programme.