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In-bank programmes

The Retail Banking Academy offers retail banking training, qualifications and exams which can be bespoke to different banks' requirements. Programme materials and courses can, on request, be adapted and customised to the local market, and courses can often be deliverd in your local language as we have large numbers of highly qualified faculty to call on from around the word. If on a rare occasion this is not possible, we will provide a translator.

In-bank programmes can be tailored to your specific requirements, depending on the size of your organisation and the number of students you wish to put through the Retail Banking Academy Certification programmes.

The Retail Banking Academy works with banks individually to:

  • align the programme to the bank’s objectives
  • identify the most appropriate level of the curriculum for the candidate group
  • co-ordinate with and complement existing training initiatives to avoid duplication
  • establish the best blend of classroom learning, or a combination of classroom and e-learning
  • deliver the programme with maximum efficiency within chosen blend of learning
  • provide feedback and results on the programme and candidate results


Candidates in Kiev sitting around a horse-shoe table listening attentively to the lecture

RBA's Leadership in Retail Banking Programme in conjunction with CIS Bankers in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Pinnacle Programme for senior retail bankers

We have developed a programme, The Pinnacle Programme, to support executive leaders within banks to put whole teams of senior managers through the certification process at once, over an 18-24 month period. Candidates are asked to study and sit the exam for Retail Banking III, and at the same time pass the Business Ethics and Compliance module from Retail Banking I.

The qualifying criteria is that the senior management team members will need to have fifteen years’ experience, ten years of which need to have been in a management role. This evidence will need to be provided on copies of verified cvs.   

What’s more, by signing up groups of candidates, you can also take advantage of a preferential fee structure that provides savings over the standard per candidate fee:

For a single delegate the fee is US $6,997

For five delegates the fee is US $30,000

For ten delegates the fee is US $60, 000 

The fee includes access to Retail Banking I, II and III online course materials and hard copy course books. It also includes the entrance fee for the Retail Banking III exam.

Delegates can also attend an RB III classroom programme which run each year, and are attended by number of senior retail banking executives from around the world.

Having large teams of qualified retail banking professionals, will grant you a unique advantage over competitor banks, and will undoubtedly earn the regulator’s utmost respect.

For more information about our in-bank programmes, please contact or complete the short form opposite.



 Here is what Ingrid Johnson, Group Managing Executive, Nedbank Retail and Business Banking

  "Michael Lafferty and his team have shown great tenacity and commitment over the past few years to get retail banking recognised as a professional qualification. The programme is     based on three levels which are a true reflection of the essential skills needed by a retail banker, not only in South Africa, but internationally. For the first time there is a programme which gives an in-depth understanding of how a retail bank should operate and that one of its core values should be the client relationship.

Nedbank has been participating in the programme for the past two years with 128 graduates already through including our subsidiaries in the rest of Africa whilst our alliance partner Ecobank has also nominated participants. The curriculum, faculty members and facilitators are of the highest standards and share their wealth of knowledge and experience in retail banking with the participants. Nedbank is looking forward to continued participation in this exciting and informative programme as we build deep banking skills in our staff."