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Founder and Board


The RBA board currently has three members, Michael Lafferty, Evelyn Hunter-Jordan and Garry Marsh who determine the company objectives and growth targets, certification development strategy, approve the annual budgets and measure performance against agreed measurements.

Michael Lafferty, RBA Chairman  

Michael Lafferty | Founder & Chairman 

Michael is the Chairman of the Retail Banking Academy®, which is part of the Lafferty Group. Michael founded the Lafferty Group in 1981 when he left the Financial Times, where he had been responsible for coverage of the banking industry. A chartered accountant and fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, he previously worked on the paper's LEX team, the City Desk and had been an accountancy correspondent.

Evelyn Hunter | CEO

Evelyn has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Retail Banking Academy® since 2014.  A former entrepreneur, she joined Lafferty in 2007 becoming general manager in 2008 until she took responsibility for the launch of the Retail Banking Academy in 2012.


  Evelyn Hunter-Jordan, RBA CEO
Garry Marsh, RBA Board Director  

Garry Marsh | Board Director

Garry has over 40 years experience in the retail banking industry, 35 of them with Barclays. He worked in the UK for 23 years to 1994, since when he has been primarily in Africa and the Middle East. He has specialised in retail banking since 1986 including executive responsibility at Country, Regional and Pan-Africa levels. Garry also had credit card issuing and card acquiring responsibility as Africa Director for Barclaycard International. Since retiring in 2012, Garry has kept busy with various consulting contracts and Non Executive Director roles, including the Retail Banking Academy.