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The Retail Banking Academy (RBA) is on a mission to promote retail banking as an internationally recognised profession.

The RBA is the only educational and professional body in the world dedicated exclusively to offering post-graduate retail banking professional education – and we are committed to making the Retail Banking Programme the recognised industry standard by making it possible for ambitious retail bankers worldwide to embark on a structured programme that sets the highest standards of ethics and customer-oriented retail banking excellence. Once qualified you will achieve a Certified Retail Banker (CRB) certification.


The Foundation programme will provide you with:

  • an introduction to the elementary principles of retail banking and provide retail banking training with emphasis on the challenges that differentiate non-bank firms from banks.
  • a sound knowledge base to understand the fundamentals and principles of Bank Regulations and Accounting.
  • a greater understanding of banking risks to include credit, operational and market risks.

Thousands of retail bankers in over seventy countries around the world are already enrolled on RBA programmes – together with you, we are dedicated to making retail banking an admired and respected profession of international repute.


Foundation Programme

Objective:  Introduce the elementary principles of retail banking with emphasis on the issues that differentiate non-bank firms from banks.  These include banks acting as intermediaries between savers and investors, the role of banking regulation, the elements of bank accounting, financial ratios in banking and introduction to the three main categories of banking risks.


Course Content

Module 1: Ethics in Banking

  • Introduction
  • The Right Motives
  • Doing The Greatest Good
  • The Professionalisation of Retail Banking
    Case Study on Ethics


Module 2: Principle of Banking

  • Introduction
  • Banks as Financial Intermediaries
  • Core Banking Risks
  • Bank Capital Regulation
  • Case Study on Northeren Rock Bank Crises


Module 3: Products and Channels

  • Introduction
  • Banking Products
  • Banking Channels
  • Segmenting on Delivery Channels


Module 4: Customer Service Quality

  • Introduction
  • Customer Service in Retail Banking
  • Principles of Bank Consumer Behaviour
  • Lessons from other Retail Banking Businesses
  • Case Study on Community Banking


Module 5: Fundamentals of Bank Accounting

  • Bank Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement of a Commercial Bank
  • Cash Flow Statement