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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the entrance requirements?

    A: Before you enrol in the Retail Banking Academy (RBA) programme you must meet the minimum entrance requirements:

    1. Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree; or
    2. Have the equivalent professional work experience accrued prior to enrolment (part-time positions do not qualify).
  • What level of English language must I have to understand any RBA Course material?

    The recommended minimum level of English Language for RBA candidates registering and sitting RBA exams in English, is an English language level suitable to study in English in an English-speaking country. To be specific, the Cambridge English Certificate or its equivalent is the requisite ideal standard.
  • When can I get started?

    You can start studying towards becoming a Certified Retail Banker or a Certified Cards and Payments Professional today. You don't need to wait for a place to become available or a semester to start - you can study on demand, via e-learning right away. Get started now.

  • How do I get started once I've enroled?

    We've provided a short video to walk you through what you need to do to get started once you have enroled with the Retail Banking Academy. 


    If you are unable to video the video please use this link.

  • How do I enrol?

    Please enrol online here. If you experience any problems or would prefer to register offline, please contact:

  • When and how do I get access to the learning materials

    On receipt of payment we will provide you with access to the Retail Banking Academy’s Learning Management System and Member Area of the website via a unique username and password.

  • When is the deadline to enrol?

    There is no deadline to enrol. The programme is online and enrolment is on-going.

  • Can I know my overall score or score per module after my exam?

    RBA’s Governing Body’s policy on exam results is to inform candidates of their exam grades only. It is not possible to inform candidates of their overall scores or scores per module.
  • How many study hours are recommended for each level of the CRB curriculum?

    We recommend approximately 150 notional learning hours for each level of the certification programme.

    The concept of notional learning hours includes all the learning activities that you might undertake to achieve the learning outcomes. Aside from studying the course materials and revision, this can also include, for example, involvement in informal learning such as study groups or team meetings, preparation for the examination, self-assessment of your learning, and application of specific learning of knowledge and understanding and skills within the workplace.

    Notional study hours will vary according to the work experience of an individual and is an indication only.

  • How do I register to sit an examination?

    Please click here for a Visual Demonstration on how to book an RBA exam if the above video does not work.

    The Retail Banking Academy operates a global network of approximately 5,000 secure, high-quality examination centres worldwide. The computer-based system is designed to provide a consistent testing experience no matter where in the world you take your examination, ensuring that the Academy’s assessment process can be proven to be valid, reliable and fair.

    A web-based registration and booking site enables you to register and book an examination at an available, Academy-approved centre at a location convenient to you. Telephone support is available for technical issues related to online bookings.

  • When can I register to sit an examination?

    We recommend that examinations are taken in order and that you allow at least three-six months to prepare for each examination, taking the demands of a normal work-life schedule into account.

    The Academy operates scheduled examination sessions – you must register to sit or re-sit an examination three weeks before the start of your chosen session. 


    2017 examination and re-sit session dates:

    - 27 February 2017 – 13 March 2017           

    - 08 May 2017 – 22 May 2017                        

    - 04 September 2017 – 18 September 2017

    - 20 November 2017 – 04 December 2017


    2018 examination and re-sit session dates:

    - 26 February 2018 – 9 March 2018           

    - 18 June 2018 – 2 July 2018                        

    - 03 September 2018 – 17 September 2018

    - 19 November 2018 – 03 December 2018

  • Are there any time limits?

    Yes – your registration for any one level of the certification programme will be valid for 13 months. You will be expected to sit and pass the examination within that time. If a re-sit is required, you can take up to two re-sits within 13 months of registering for an e-learning programme.

    If you fail a second re-sit, or cannot pass within the 13-month time limit, you will be required to re-register for the programme.

  • Can I re-sit an exam?

    If a re-sit is required, this (and any subsequent re-sits) will carry an additional cost of $300 for Retail Banking I or II and $500 for Retail Banking III. You are eligible for two re-sits within 13 months of enrolling on a programme. This means you are  permitted to sit three examinations in total during your 13-month enrolment period. 

    If you fail a second re-sit, or cannot pass your exam within the 13-month time limit, you will be required to re-register for the programme.

  • How do I make an appeal?

    To make an appeal you must write to the Retail Banking Academy’s Qualifications Manager at with the following details:

    (a)    Your name, address and full contact details

    (b)   Full details of the circumstance being appealed

    (c)    Any relevant supporting documentation

    (d)   Proof of appeal fee payment in full. Click here for details on appeal fee.

  • When can I submit my appeal?

    Written appeals must be submitted no later than 10 days after the circumstance you want to appeal.

  • Can I appeal my exam grade or score?

    As a candidate you can appeal if you believe that the Retail Banking Academy (RBA) has not upheld its assessment procedure properly. However, you cannot appeal against the professional judgement of the examiners. 

  • How will my appeal be processed?

    An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within 2 days of the Retail Banking Academy receiving your written appeal. Thereafter, please allow for a minimum of 30 days for your appeal to be processed and the outcome communicated to you. Where more time is needed to process your appeal, you will be notified accordingly.

  • How much will the appeal cost?

    The fee for appeals is US $50 and this will be refunded if your appeal is upheld. 

  • How often can I attempt a Retail Banking exam?

    Candidates who fail a second re-sit (3rd attempt) within the allowed thirteen months, will not be able to immediately sit for the exam a fourth time. Instead, such candidates will be required to re-register for the programme after the next curriculum revision. Note that it may take up to 2 to 3 years for curriculum revisions to occur.

  • When will I receive my examination result?

    You should receive your examination result in the form of a grade report and your certificate no later than 6 weeks after taking your examination. If  more time is required to process your examination result, you will be informed of this before the 6 weeks elapses. 

  • What is the difference between achieving an RBA certification vs. becoming a CRB

    • RBA candidates achieve an RBA certifcation when they have passed an RBA exam.
    • RBA candidates become Certifed or Associate Retail Bankers, when they have passed an RBA exam and have joined RBA Membership. Only then, they are entitled to use their designation, e.g. ARB I, ARB II, ARB III, CRB.