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Exams Overview

You can register to sit an examination as soon as you feel ready, but please note that this must be within twelve months of enrolment.

The Retail Banking Academy operates a global network of approximately 5,000 secure, high-quality examination centres worldwide. The computer-based exam is designed to provide a consistent testing experience no matter where in the world you take your examination. This ensures that the RBA’s assessment process can be proven to be valid, reliable and fair.

You can find your nearest exam centre here.  And you can register for an exam here

Business Ethics & Compliance Criteria

RBA Candidates are required to pass the Business Ethics and Compliance module with a minimum score of sixty (65) percent in order to pass the exam overall,  wherever it is examined. This requirement is in addition to achieving the minimum score of sixty-five (65) percent for the entire exam. 


Exam format

Retail banking I and II are both comprised of a two-part exam:

  • Part A consists of eighty multiple choice questions for a total of eighty marks, and
  • Part B consists of six mini-cases, scenarios and applications for a total of forty eight marks.


Retail banking III comprised of a two-part exam:

  • Part A consists of fifty-six multiple choice questions for a total of fifty-six marks.
  • Part B consists of four scenarios each with a set of equally weighted sub questions for a total of fifteen marks per scenario. This makes for a total of sixty marks available for Part B of the Retail Banking III exam. 

Each part of Retail Banking I, II or III examinations will last for two hours and is conducted separately. There will be an eight minute break between the end of part A and the start of part B.

The use of calculators is permitted.


The Retail Banking Academy awards grades at the following three levels: Distinction, Pass and Fail. A minimum of sixty five percent is required to pass an exam.

Each part of the examination is equally weighted in the calculation of the final grade.

Non-attendance of exams

If you do not attend an exam without giving us advance warning, as outlined in the terms and conditions upon booking your exam place, you will be given a score of zero and be required to take a re-sit as outlined below.


When you enrol on an RBA e-learning programme, the examination is included in the registration fee. 

If, however, you are required to re-sit an exam, there is an additional fee per re-sit which is payable by you:

- RB I and CP I: $300
- RB II and CP II: $300
- RB III and CP III: $500

You can take up to two re-sits within thirteen months of enroling on an e-learning programme. If you fail a second re-sit, or cannot pass within the thirteen months time limit, you will be required to re-enrol for the programme.