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Curriculum overview

The Certified Retail Banker programme is the cornerstone of our objective of being the driving force in developing and professionalising the retail banking sector internationally. It has been designed by senior retail bankers and academics from around the world.  Since 2011 our qualification strategy has evolved to grow with sector demands, for example, it was made available in French language in 2012, and this year we have created a Certified Islamic Retail Banker version with tailored product and case study materials.

To become a Certified Retail Banker, and to be able to use the designation CRB, you will need to study and successfully pass examinations at three separate levels: A small icon with Certified Retail Banker and CRB inscribed

The programme can also be tailored specifically to meet the needs of individual bank requirements, strategy and objectives with our in-bank programmes. Not only is the programme bespoke, it can also be delivered by our faculty staff in a classroom setting or via the e-learning platform, or in fact a combination of both types of learning.

For retail bankers with over 10 or 15 years experience, we have devised Accelerated Programmes, which means that candidates are exempt from Retail Banking I exams due to their extensive number of years working full-time in the sector. And so in order to qualify, you only need to complete levels II and III, or level III of the curriculum depending on your number of years experience.

And finally also for senior retail bankers, there is our Executive Management Programme that we host twice per year in London or Johannesburg. It's a three or five-day immersive programme for senior delegates, where a group our distinguished faculty deliver lectures, facilitate practical workshops and we invite renown industry speakers to lead thought-leadership discussion groups.

A badge that says Certified Cards & Payments Professional CCPP
The Certified Cards and Payments Programme was launched in 2013 as a result of the introduction an increasing number of new card payment methods to the market. CCPP certification is gained in the same way as the CRB certification above, with three levels of study and exams to pass. At that point in time, the programme was delivered as an in-bank classroom programme only.  

On the back of the success of the in-bank sessions, this year we have made the first level of the programme available for individual candidates to enrol on our site:

We are working towards putting levels II and III of CCPP on to the site too, and these are likely to be live by early 2016.

Here's the roadmap showing the qualification innovations we've made to meet the increasing and constant demands of our audiences.

Timeline depicting the qualifications that RBA has launched year on year