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RBA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements


RBA Members are bound by the RBA’s Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics and required to undertake continuous professional education. 

In order to maintain your RBA professional designation, you are required to complete the RBA’s CPD programme or any other CPD programme that meets the following requirements:
  • A minimum of 15 hours total CPD
  • There must be evidence to support the fact that your CPD activities have taken place
  • All CPD activities must be relevant to your role


RBA CPD resources

RBA offers a range of CPD activities to its Members to help them meet their CPD requirements. These take the form of online webinars, events and e-learning. 






What is considered a valid CPD activity (non-exhaustive list)?


  • Accessing and completing RBA's CPD activities available in your CPD Portal on the 'My Membership' platform, such as recorded live events, reports, webinars, podcasts, and presentations
  • Completing 15 hours of interactive module activities in the RBA Learning Centre
  • Sitting an RBA exam during your RBA membership year 
  • Completing any similar Personal CPD activities through other CPD programmes

How can I record my CPD hours? 

  • If you choose to complete the CPD activities in 'My Membership' online, your CPD hours will be automatically recorded on the online platform. 
  • However, for personal CPD activities gained via other CPD programmes, you are required to submit supporting evidence of each of those activities. 
  • You must record your personal CPD hours using the ‘Personal CPD documentation form’ which you can upload in the CPD Portal via the ‘Upload’ button. 





CPD auditing

Individuals only need to submit their CPD records to RBA if required to do so as part of its audit process. RBA will audit the CPD records of a minimum of 10% of Members. Those who are selected for auditing will be required to submit a full record of their annual CPD, detailing and providing evidence of the activities undertaken.






The RBA Membership (professional body) is governed by a Council which is a voluntary, independent body whose members are elected by the Membership.

RBA Council Members act on behalf of the membership and are responsible for ensuring that the Retail Banking Academy’s development continues in line with its stated mission and values. The RBA Council is responsible for safeguarding the RBA’s reputation and the CRB designation for the benefit of members, future members, their clients, employers and the public at large.

The RBA Council has a minimum of 10 members from many geographies (with no more than two more members representing any one country), reflecting the diversity of the RBA and its membership.




RBA expects its members to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and abide by the RBA's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

The RBA Council’s Disciplinary body investigates misconduct in accordance with independent processes and regulations established for the investigation of complaints, disciplinary action and appeals.  

Download the RBA Membership Handbook


Please email should you have any questions about your membership or about the RBA's CPD requirements.