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Cards and Payments III

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What is Cards and Payments III and who is it for?
Cards and Payments III is a specialised programme focussed on the key areas of the Cards and Payments industry. This course is ideal for cards and payments professionals looking to broaden their scope and knowledge in the cards industry. 

How much does this level cost?
The fee for this level is $1,399

What will I learn?
Cards and Payments II comprises six modules: 

What other benefits will I get out of the Programme?

ACPPI badge


Once you successfully complete this level, you will receive your Cards and Payments III certificate and will be eligible to apply for Associate Membership of RBA Membership. Becoming an Associate Member of RBA Membership will give you the opportunity to use the ACPP III designation after your name. 

Candidates who have passed examinations at all three levels: Cards and Payments I, Cards and Payments II, and Cards and Payments III are eligible to become Certified Members and are entitled to use the designation Certified Cards and Payments Professional and the letters CCPP after your name.

Upon successful enrolment on to the programme, cards and payments professionals are bound by the RBA's ethical code. This is not just a course, it is a career-long commitment to recognising the importance of your industry and developing the skills necessary for a fruitful career. 

How much time do I need to invest into my studies? 

How long will it take me to successfully complete this level?How long will it take me?