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Become a Certified Cards and Payments Professional

The Retail Banking Academy® provides high-level training and education in cards and payments. We have a programme that includes three levels of study and exams which leads you to our professional certification of Certified Cards and Payments Professional, with the designation of CCPP when joining RBA Membership.


How long does it take to complete the Certified Cards and Payments Professional programme?

To complete the Certified Cards and Payments Professional (CCPP) programme you will need to pass three exams. On average, it takes three years to obtain the CCPP certification, if you sit one exam per year. However, it is possible to complete all 3 levels within 18 months if you sit one exam every six months. 

The route to becoming a CRB


Upon successful enrolment on the programme, professional retail bankers are bound by the Retail Banking Academy’s ethical code. This is not just a retail banking training, it is a career-long commitment to recognising the importance of retail banking and developing the skills necessary to have a fruitful career in the industry.

Cards and Payments Testimonial

Why now?

With the explosion of card payment methods throughout the world, it is the right time for cards issuers, payments providers and individual executives to invest in building talent and experience, and for us that means professional education.

What are the benefits of the Programme?

Certification can give you a competitive career advantage, and really says to your customers, colleagues and the regulators that you are personally committed to the highest professional standards.

Cards and Payments Testimonial

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