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Board members and founders


Board Directors

The RBA board currently has three members, Michael Lafferty, Evelyn Hunter-Jordan and Garry Marsh who determine the company objectives and growth targets, qualification development strategy, approve the annual budgets and measure performance against agreed measurements.

Michael Lafferty, RBA Chairman  

Michael Lafferty | Chairman

Michael is the Chairman of the Retail Banking Academy®, which is part of the Lafferty Group. Michael founded the Lafferty Group in 1981 when he left the Financial Times, where he had been responsible for coverage of the banking industry. A chartered accountant and fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, he previously worked on the paper's LEX team, the City Desk and had been an accountancy correspondent.

Evelyn Hunter | CEO

Evelyn has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Retail Banking Academy® since 2014 and an executive director since 2012. A former ballet entrepreneur and classical ballet dancer, she joined the Lafferty Group in 2007. From an initial role as assistant to the chairman, she was appointed as the general manager in 2008 and has played an integral role in the progress and development of RBA.

  Evelyn Hunter-Jordan, RBA CEO
Garry Marsh, RBA Board Director  

Garry Marsh | Board Director

Garry has over 40 years experience in the retail banking industry, 35 of them with Barclays. He worked in the UK for 23 years to 1994, since when he has been primarily in Africa and the Middle East. He has specialised in retail banking since 1986 including executive responsibility at Country, Regional and Pan-Africa levels. Garry also had credit card issuing and card acquiring responsibility as Africa Director for Barclaycard International. Since retiring in 2012, Garry has kept busy with various consulting contracts and Non Executive Director roles, including the Retail Banking Academy.



The Retail Banking Academy® was founded in London in 2011 by Michael Lafferty, Dr Abdul Rahman and Dick Harryvan with the aim of being the driving force that develops and professionalises the retail banking sector throughout the world. RBA's parent company is the Lafferty Group.

Michael Lafferty, RBA Chairman  

Michael Lafferty | Chairman & Co-Founder

The Lafferty Group, founded by Michael in 1981, has come to occupy a pre-eminent position in the international financial services industry, providing the industry with education, research and intelligence, and councils. Prior to establishing the Lafferty Group, he was a Financial Times journalist responsible for banking industry coverage, and a member of the paper's LEX team and accountancy correspondent. Michael is a chartered accountant and fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Dr. Abdul H. Rahman | Co-Founder

Dr Abdul Rahman is a former full professor of economics and finance and Telfer teaching Fellow at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. He was previously associate dean at what is now the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University in Montreal. Dr Rahman has been published in several times in journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. He regularly consults for global financial institutions in retail banking, commercial banking, asset management and life insurance.



 Abdul H Rahman
 Dick Harryvan, RBA Senior Faculty Member  

Dick Harryvan | Senior Faculty Member

Dick is a former member of the executive board of Amsterdam-based ING Group. He started his career as a management trainee at Nationale-Nederlanden in 1979 and to 1989 held various management positions in ING's US and Canadian insurance businesses. He returned to the Netherlands in 1989 to head up the International Division of Nationale-Nederlanden. In 1993, he was appointed general manager of Bancassurance and from 1995-2006, Dick served as general manager of ING Direct where he was CFO/CRO of ING Direct globally. He was then appointed to the ING Group executive board and became CEO of ING Direct. He currently holds three board positions at ING DiBa, ING US Inc and ANWB.