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How will RBA certification benefit you?


The Retail Banking Academy produces certified, professional retail bankers who will be an asset to their bank and the industry worldwide. Academy certification marks you as someone who is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in your work.

Thousands of professional retail bankers from more than 100 countries are currently working towards RBA certification. Retail bankers enrolled in the programme come from banks that include:


RBA client banks

Once you sign up to the RBA programme you will:

  • Improve your career prospects with a unique certification;
  • Achieve a competitive advantage over and above your peers;
  • Become a recognised retail banking professional.


 CRB Testimonial - Katahwire



As a Certified Retail Banker, you will be able to:

  • Understand customer psychology and build enduring and profitable relationships with customers;
  • Motivate and engage staff, which is critical to exceeding customer expectations;
  • Deliver excellent service that will delight the customer;
  • Analyse product profitability in order to focus on optimal value creation;
  • Assess and manage the bank's risks;
  • Have an understanding of key value drivers, KPIs and financial reports.


CRB Testimonial - Celeste