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Our Triple E AccreditationOur Accreditation

The Retail Banking Academy is pleased to announce that Retail Banking I (RB I), Retail Banking II (RB II), and Retail Banking III (RB III) qualifications have been awarded the Triple E accreditations.

These accreditations recognize that they have been designed to meet the requirements of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), the European Credit System for Vocational Education & Training (ECVET), and the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education & Training (EQAVET). 

Meeting these Triple E requirements has resulted in the RBA’s Retail Banking qualifications being levelled at Level 5 (RB II and RB III) and Level 4 (RB I) respectively.

EBTN’s Triple E Standard is a quality standard for qualifications in the European financial industry.
Bankers who wish to become Certified Retail Bankers (CRBs) are required to pass three successive Academy examinations, and are awarded qualifications at each level. Two of these (RB II and RB III) have been judged to meet the Triple E requirements at Level 5, while the first exam (RB I) is ranked as Level 4. 
In addition to passing their exams, Certified Retail Bankers and all bankers taking the examinations are obliged to observe a demanding ethical code, which requires them always to act in the best interests of customers. Like professional accountants and lawyers, CRBs are also required to undertake continuous professional development (CPD).
The Retail Banking Academy, part of the London-based Lafferty Group, was established in 2012 to provide professional education to retail bankers worldwide. Michael Lafferty, chairman of the Retail Banking Academy commented: “RBA is delighted and honoured to receive the Triple E accreditation from EBTN. Retail is a distinctly different field from corporate and wholesale banking and will continue to be the main source of bank profits worldwide for the foreseeable future.”
RBA’s CEO Evelyn Hunter remarked that “RBA’s initiative to secure the Triple E accreditation demonstrates our commitment to remain at the forefront of educating Retail Bankers worldwide to the highest ethical and professional standards.”

Mariola SzymaƄska-Koszczyc, Chair of EBTN's Triple E Committee stated: "Triple E Standard is a search of excellence which is achievable and can be put in practice. That was exactly our experience working with RBA in the accreditation process. We are happy and proud that together we are building higher professional standards of qualifications in financial services in Europe and worldwide."

The Retail Banking Academy sees consumer and small business banking as fundamentally different from corporate and wholesale banking, so its curricula are focused on the retail bank as a separate business – rather than as an appendage of an overall bank that does everything for all customers. In this regard it differs fundamentally from traditional banking institutes.

For questions regarding Retail Banking Academy’s accreditations with EBTN, contact RBA’s Qualifications Manager Seun Okunnuga at

For questions regarding Triple E, contact EBTN's Executive Manager Felicia Emery at


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Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

This certification recognises that the design, development, delivery and awarding of RBA’s professional certification programmes meets internationally recognised standards.


RBA’s initiative to become ISO 9001:2015 certified is part of a strategic plan to ensure that the Academy demonstrates an on-going commitment to consistently providing services designed to meet the needs of our clients and Candidates – and to remain at the forefront of educating Retail Bankers to the highest ethical and professional standards.


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